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When you begin your search for a new or used vehicle, the process may start on the internet. You may look at reviews, personal testimonies, or even speak to a dealership to find out which car, truck, or SUV would be suitable for your particular lifestyle. With my years of experience in the automotive industry, I highly recommend that even after you have done the research, you take a test drive prior to purchase. There are a lot of salespeople in the business that wouldn’t mind selling you a vehicle before you drove it, because frankly, once you sign the papers, you will be nothing more but a distant memory that kept them in business. I do things differently. As an automotive sales specialist at Toyota of Bowling Green, my number one priority is keeping you and your family safe and satisfied for years to come, so that next time you want to buy a car, you’ll come see me again. So, what makes for a successful test drive? I’m glad you asked.

Get Your Motor Running

I encourage anyone that is taking a test drive to first start up the engine and listen to it without distraction. Turn down the radio, and let it idle for a couple of minutes. Are there any noises that concern you? If you feel confident with how it sounds, it’s time to listen to the engine as you drive it. Starting with a residential street, listen to the engine and technology of the vehicle as it drives at approximately 30 MPH. Again, you will want to listen for strange ticking noises, or a sound that seems out of place. If you aren’t sure what an engine should sound like, make sure you bring someone with you who does, or speak to one of our expert mechanics at Toyota of Bowling Green.

Head Out on the Highway

If things are going well, it’s time to take the vehicle to the highway. It is important to get the vehicle up to highway speeds to get a feel for the overall comfort and ride, as well as to listen to the engine at 60+ MPH. If it is a manual transmission, notice how smoothly or rough it shifts from gear to gear. Even with an automatic transmission, it is wise to notice how well it downshifts and upshifts depending on speed.

Off the Beaten Path

Depending on your lifestyle, you may find yourself taking some pretty rough roads for work or recreation. This is why it important to also test drive the vehicle on a dirt road. You will want to pay specific attention to the handling and maneuverability. Is it easy? Or do you feel out of control? If you are planning on off-roading, will this particular vehicle be able to remain on the road without getting stuck in severe weather or road conditions?

Of course, there are several other key factors you will want to notice to get the most out of your test drive. Do you like the interior? If you like to listen to music, turn up the radio and listen to the sound system. Does this vehicle provide enough space for your family or passengers? Does the air conditioning and heating work? All of these features may seem small, but once you purchase a car, truck, or SUV and find that they don’t work, you will wish you had heeded my advice. If you have any questions about a particular vehicle, or you want to schedule a test drive, I would be more than happy to assist you.  to find you a phenomenal new car for your auto arsenal.


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